Believe in nothing, no matter who says it, even if I say it, if it does not agree with your own experience and your own common sense ~ Buddha

Tim Clark’s (at Soul Shelter) Rule About Priorities states: Do First What You Want to Do Least.

Wonderful idea. Use it often. Except in this one case; I hate making phone calls. And my day starts much, much earlier than you can start making phone calls. So I’ll do one or two pretty productive things for a couple hours, and then I’ll work my way into the more mundane tasks I have to do, and suddenly, I look at the clock.

It’s 9:37. I have no excuse but to make phone calls. They have to be done. By me. Sooner rather than later.

But for obscure reasons I find phone calls terrifying and exhausting. I know that if I make these calls, it may only take me twenty minutes, but I’ll be keyed up and useless afterward for the better part of an hour.

Making phone calls lowers my productivity. (sorry guys)

So I do some other mundane stuff. I bargain; I start doing some other, long-put-off but necessary task. I waffle. Finally, I’m as keyed up as if I’d already made the calls. I slam my head quietly against the door. I fight down the tightness in my chest. I sit down. I dial up the phone. I ready my pad and pen. I write down what I have to say, because the moment someone picks up, I’ll be tongue tied.

“Hello?” The person is cheerful and pleasant. Business is conducted quickly. I hang up. Whew! One down. I sally forth again. And again.  The pad on my desk starts to fill up with the script the flows from my mouth. Later, I will have no memory of what was said and will need my notes to remind me.

Time passes. My spine gets knotted. Only three left. Done!

I have to close my eyes for a minute.

I cringe when anyone walks past my office. I turn the ringer off on the phone. I used up all my energy for other people today. As of now, I am in splendid isolation.

I consider outsourcing my phone calls. What was that book again? I am too exhausted to think.

I check off my to do list. Damn. Only 10 more action items left. I blog instead.

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