Believe in nothing, no matter who says it, even if I say it, if it does not agree with your own experience and your own common sense ~ Buddha

“It is only by labor that thought can be made healthy, and only by thought that labor can be made happy, and the two cannot be separated with impunity.”

So, this quote has been cadged from a post over at Soul Shelter. Nice guys there, they never give me a hard time for stealing their stuff. 😉

Lots of times I’ll have a quote strike me between the eyes as being “true.” This is one of them. Aside from the very literal-minded interpretation of why office workers are such a drain on the health care system, and retail jobs are so soul-sucking, (literal interpretations make me giggle) there is also the very pointed image of Pure Science pundits who are arrogantly assured of their own superiority because they don’t have to have usable applications. Apparently, it is more moral to amass knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Attempt to make use of it? Sacrilege, dahling.

I love philosophy. What I particularly love about philosophy is the categorization of different perspectives. Cynic, Jungian, Cartesian, Nietzsche, Sun Tzu, Buddha, Taoism, so many, many different ways to interpret life.

Now, I have my own view of the universe, the laws governing it and why it works the way it does. The reason I don’t blare it out to the world at large (remember, count your blessings, kids) is because my view of reality, my interpretation of it, if you prefer, has very, very little to do with your own experience.

If reality is a function of perception, and perception is a function of bias, expectation and faulty memory, then how can we, as a population, ever see eye to eye? Well, global homogenization is one way. As soon as we get rid of THEM…..then we’ll have world peace.

Another way is to allow for the skewing of input data. If I know that my reactions to certain people and situations are skewed, then I will allow that my perceptions are probably clouded and try to rely more on external cues. For instance, I have zero sympathy for bullies. Actually, it’s kind of beyond that. I want to disfigure, castrate, then crucify them all. I am aware that I am utterly irrational on this topic. I figure everyone is allowed one totally irrational hatred. And, most importantly, I allow for it. If I were on jury duty for a school shooting, in good conscience, I would have to recuse myself. I would not be able to guarantee my impartiality.

Obviously, that last statement of mine is very polarizing (and you should have seen all the stuff I deleted). It’s possible that those of you who were bullies in school are sweating right now. Your day will come. Many millions of people will not see my point. So you were a freak in school, get over it. My point is that what some people see in a certain situation, others will not. Who’s right? Well, me obviously, but the point is that you have to struggle along misguidedly until you independently come to the conclusion that I’m right. And I can’t make it easy for you, or that would defeat the purpose of the game. 🙂

PS. If you’re feeling confessional or contraversial, you could tell me your irrational hatreds in the comments. You can trust me. Really.

Comments on: "In which we discuss my view of the Universe and why I can’t tell you the secret" (2)

  1. My irrational hatreds? All of them? You mean you want an itemized list? Well, as one of the greatest philosophers of the last century, George Carlin, said: “Road rage, air rage. Why should I be forced to divide my rage into separate categories? To me, it’s just one big, all-around everyday rage. I don’t have time for fine distinctions. I’m busy screaming at people.”

    But I just wanted to say, that, believe it or not, bullies make me see red faster than just about anything too. I swear by the watery balls of Poseidon, I was just saying that to two different people just a few weeks ago. Got the emails with the timestamps to prove it!

    I don’t even like to have too many people backing me up in an argument, and I don’t like it when people take cheap shots at someone they know you have some sort of problem with as a means of kissing up to you. If I don’t like someone, I just do my best to ignore them and not think about them if it’s not worth having a confrontation about; I don’t seek out someone else to complain to about it so that we can both sit there like high schoolers tearing the person down behind their back. I just hate, hate, hate that pack mentality, even if I’m fortunate enough to not be the object of their predatory attention. Gossips, backbiters and bullies: all of ’em are going up against the wall when I’m king.

    Yet another of my favorite quotations from Nietzsche (oh, I can do this all day, buh-leeve dat!):

    First: I only attack causes that are victorious; I may even wait until they become victorious.

    Second: I only attack causes against which I would not find allies, so that I stand alone – so that I compromise myself alone. – I have never taken a step publicly that did not compromise me: that is my criterion for doing right.

    Third: I never attack persons; I merely avail myself of the person as of a strong magnifying glass that allows one to make visible a general but creeping and elusive calamity.

    Fourth: I only attack things when every personal quarrel is excluded, when any background of bad experiences is lacking. On the contrary, attack is in my case a proof of good will, sometimes even of gratitude.

  2. You must have the complete works of Nietzsche memorized! I also like the Carlin quote.

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