Believe in nothing, no matter who says it, even if I say it, if it does not agree with your own experience and your own common sense ~ Buddha

Here’s your minute-by-minute update on the thoughts in my wee little brain.

I think I am scaring off potential readers by labelling this thing “for creatives.”

I hoped it wouldn’t. I honestly hoped that people would see the content for what it was: applicable to humanity at large for a somewhat humourous and vaguely inspiring riff on what you could become if you were brave enough to be true to yourself. But what people saw was the label “creative”. And when they strained around to check out the product packaging on their backs, and didn’t see the word “creative” anywhere in their personal brand, they tune out. N/A. Wish I could be like that, they mumble as the trudge away, back to the herd ( I made that up. I hope that’s what they’re thinking. )

Worst of all, there don’t seem to be too many blocked creatives out there, eager to blow off some steam, and anyway, I realized that a blog that is essentially a paean to non-productivity isn’t something I want to put my awareness into.

So. A crossroads. Where I’m headed is unfulfilling, fills no need, carves no niche. Pointless, in a word. Where to set my mental compass?

I like to take a look at what I find valuable in the blogs I read. Over and over, I’ve found that my favorites include pointed, insightful action-oriented posts, combined with value-added services and features on the sidebar, suitable for studying at length. Hmmm. What am I missing here?

I saw a wonderful post on personal branding, by Danielle LaPorte at WhiteHotTruth. What do I want to be known for? Oh, yes, I know what I want to be known for, but it’s a deep dark secret, hard to own to. Hard to subject to sharp gaze of critics anf hard to air until I have concrete accomplishments to brandish in my defense of my dream.

Nevertheless, as one small, concrete step towards my unspeakable dream, I am rebranding Feed the Spark. No longer solely for creatives; we are for all huminbeans looking to increase their personal awareness and self-knowledge and continue their journey of full realization of their potential.

This isn’t so much a divergence as a broadening of purpose. I’m aware that perhaps some people will find this rebranding as too nebulous and starry-eyed, but my commitment to myself is to continue my growth and fearlessly promote my own potential regardless of what the little naysayer in my head might say.

At any rate, keep you eyes open for little tweaks that snowball into farreaching changes. And if you see something you like, tell your friends! Let’s get this party started.

Comments on: "Personal Potential and Self-fulfillment through Rebranding" (5)

  1. I realized that a blog that is essentially a paean to non-productivity isn’t something I want to put my awareness into.

    Well, good, because that’s my shtick. Slackers of the world, unite! If you feel like it. Um, if it’s not too much trouble and all. Unless you’d rather take a nap.

    Personally, it was your willingness to examine the crucial yet curiously neglected issue of our substandard efforts at cursing that brought me in. Any mind that spends time thinking of how we can invent more florid, baroque ways of insulting people is a mind I want to communicate with. That’s just me, though. I doubt that would be useful from a marketing perspective.

    Anyway. Deep dark secret? Unspeakable dream? Oh, come on. You’re just going to casually throw that out there and leave the rest unsaid to tantalize us? You friggin’ tease.

    • Sorry to horn in on your territory Scribbles. How did you find me, anyway? I like to vent, but I am somewhat bored with my (lack of) choices. When I spring into a bluetinged tangent, I want people to stand back and be like, “Wow that is some vocabulary.” not “Wow, that is some rage.”

      Oh, you’re just one of those boys who tries to guilt girls into giving it up. I’m ON to you, buddy.

      • Google blogsearch. I forget what exactly I typed in, but it had to do with profanity, politeness, something like that. I was thinking of something else I had read recently, about social graces, language, the necessary hypocrisy of manners, etc. Your post on creative cursing was only like twelve hours old and right at the top of the list. Even though it was slightly off topic from what I was looking up, it was too good to read and forget about, so I decided to write about that instead.

        (I never did finish that other post, come to think of it.)

        Pfftt. As suave and charming and debonair as I am, you think I need to resort to something as crass and gauche as guilt tripping? I have not even BEGUN to play mind games, *Sparkles*.

  2. Bring it, Scribbles. The gauntlet IS THROWN! Bwahahaha!

    • I’ll let that slide, allowing for the brashness of callow youths and all. But sheeeit, you think you’re the only one on the Internet with genius-level standardized test scores and a thesaurus? Best be careful who you messin’ with’, is all I’m saying.

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