Believe in nothing, no matter who says it, even if I say it, if it does not agree with your own experience and your own common sense ~ Buddha

I thought perhaps this post might have seemed a little lean without some explanation of my organizational habits.

I keep two lists.

The short list is the one that involves the activities I am planning to do or likely to do that day.

The second list is essentially a funnel. I use it as a temporary repository of things that need to get done, but for whatever reason, will not be getting done today.

Sometimes, these things slide over to the busywork list. Others might get written down someplace for future reference (For instance, today as I put away the winter gloves, hats and scarves away for the season, I put a note in the box to the effect that I need to get a couple of those over-the-closet door shoe organizers — one for the gloves, one for hats and scarves, because the box at the bottom of the coat closet is not working for me.)

Finally, the vast majority of stuff on the long list goes into my GTD directory, the one list to rule them all.

I also prioritize my daily todo list as rocks, gravel and sand. I’m sure by now the whole blogosphere has heard the story about filling a jar full. The RGS method really doesn’t change a whole bunch of the execution of my day, but it does help me to be mindful and aware of my choices.

What are your organizational method and habits?


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