Believe in nothing, no matter who says it, even if I say it, if it does not agree with your own experience and your own common sense ~ Buddha

Jonathan Fields over at Awake@the Wheel recently presented this offering: Be your own Guru.

What I find interesting is that there are some lessons in life that are so easy for some people and so incomprehensible to others. That’s why you need to be always actively learning from others. Not just asking them to teach you, but to get explanations and feedback for how they

And let me just say, as I search for an image to use here, that the perfect jeans these days certainly don't fit MY standards of perfection

perceive the world and the rules governing it.

I just heard a great quote the other day “Normal is what you’re used to.” We get so used to thinking that at a fundamental level most everyone feels the same way we do. This is patently false if you take the time to think about.

I never hoped to find a teacher who would point me in the right direction, reassure me that I was on the right path, and generally make me feel like less of an antisocial non-conformist.

I’m just too damn different. I’ve known forever that whatever I end up doing with my life will be totally unlike anything that the world has ever seen. There’s never going to be someone who knows where I’m going because they were there first. God only knows what I’ll grow up to be, but I’ll be a trailblazer, whatever it is.

This is one lesson I already knew. It’s clear to me, but not necessarily to others. On the other hand, when other people are utterly confident that they’ve found their raison d’etre, that they’ve got the one big thing from which all other things flow —  well to be honest, my first thought is that their lives must be a little boring once the eternal quest is over.

But I know that’s sour grapes talking. I feel like I’ve been trying on jeans for twenty years in search of the perfect fit. I’m pretty sure I’ll know it when I see it; my imagination just hasn’t caught up with my desire yet.

It’s possible– likely, even, that I’m going to have to design my perfect pair of jeans from scratch — but it will be unutterably, undeniably. . . me.

But anyway, the lessons that are clear to me, I’d like to share. Perhaps I can contribute in some small way to YOUR personal lightbulb moment.

Then, maybe, you can share with me? And maybe other people can share too! We be one great big, intergalactic ashram

Onward! Into the light!


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