Believe in nothing, no matter who says it, even if I say it, if it does not agree with your own experience and your own common sense ~ Buddha

Hey! That looks like a rallying cry for a lot of people’s lives. Too bad some guy stole it for his ebook. (It’s free, btw)

Seriously, though, it was good. I took notes. (You have no idea the bar has to be for me to take notes. This is not an everyday occurrence.)

Would you like to see my notes? Huh? Huh?

More Time Now: Distilled

1. Stop wasting time. (Between you and me, we both know where we’re screwing this up, right? Yeah. I thought so)

2. Take decisive action. (Testosterone-fueled techniques to make getting things done into a friendly competition.)

3. Make your priorities a friggin’ priority already.  (We say we want to, and then we don’t. How smart are we?)

All that was merely the preliminary. Navarro’s real point was to take yourself to lunch.

Lunch Date

This is really key. I’ll be honest. Nothing he says is rocket science, and none of the techniques were new to me. What was key was that he took three or four real concrete things that are laughably simple, and tells you to just do them, no bullshit excuses allowed. I wouldn’t say he bullies you, but the way he puts things makes you feel like four kinds of pussy if you don’t shut up and …. ok. I ran out of sports metaphors here. Let’s just say there seems to be a reason he calls himself the Launch Coach.

Note to self: Use more math.

Most interesting were the numbers he used.

I’ll quote him, in fact.


•You already lose more than 60 minutes a day to time wasters and escape activities that don’t recharge you at all
•You already spend more than 60 minutes a day working at less than full throttle (admit it, we all slack)
•You already lose more than 60 minutes a day to interruptions

Ok, so he works 7 days a week. I can accept that. The weekend is a foreign concept to me too. But do you realize that 1000 hours is a 1/3 of the work year? 4 MONTHS?! So, I figure, even if I get a quarter as much use out of this as he says I will, I’ll be in pretty good shape. What I wouldn’t have given for another November.  Or even another February.

There. Now, that’s all the flogging I’m going to do, alright? He gave the damn thing away, he didn’t even use it to get my email and he said on the last page, “PS: If you would share this document by emailing it, blogging about it or any other means, I’d be ever so grateful.” So karmically speaking, we’re square.

PS, If you’re checking my math, (8×365)/1000= ~1/3. Just so you don’t stress.

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