Believe in nothing, no matter who says it, even if I say it, if it does not agree with your own experience and your own common sense ~ Buddha

I just hung up with a client who’s body kindly declined a BodyTalk. Last week, that same body demanded a phone session, with her on the line to give input.

My client was distressed.

“But why?” she asked me. “I’m so unsettled. Why won’t my body take guidance? I’m definitely out balance.

No, you’re not.

Dynamic Systems Theory

Your body is a dynamic system. If there ever was an out of balance state, it would be a static one.

A forest fire is still a part of the cycle. The health of the forest depends on it, even if there is temporary devestation.

There’s also a saying, “Everything always finds its level”

It’s uncomfortable and tumultuous, but it will all work itself out. My client really wanted the reassurance of a session because it would help her conceptualize the shifts at work. But her body didn’t need guidance. Only she needed guidance. Her body was doing its best work.

Tripping the switch

In my opinion, BodyTalk is best at tripping switches — starting a chain of events that allows certain dynamics to shift. We call it balancing, but it’s really just resetting equilibrium — a subtle but important difference.

So when you feel stuck, that relentless feeling that something’s not quite right, or that everything is in place to make a dynamic shift and yet somehow it hasn’t happened— that’s where a BodyTalk might be useful.

Because what I’m doing is simply tricking your body into telling me what it would do if it weren’t stuck (talk therapy for your body!). When it isn’t stuck, I’m pretty redundant. I’m just there for reassurance.


You’re alive. Therefore, you are in balance. Well, most people call it homeostasis, but that’s what it is. You are always in balance. Even stuck is balanced. Poised on a knifepoint, maybe, but balanced.

It’s easier to channel a placid stream than a raging current. By definition, though, the current has already found it’s flow, where the stream might be meandering. If you’re not happy with where its meandering, you can change it. But if you want to change the raging river, it might be best to ride it out for a while. Wait for it to slow down. If you look around and you still don’t like where you’re at, then give me a call.

Comments on: "You are not out of balance. Ever." (3)

  1. Ooooh! Super-subtle differences there ~
    At least, according to our common Western mind-set /head-state…
    I suppose a ‘grew-up-thinking-that-way’ Buddhist would grok it intuitively, but most North Americans weren’t so blessed.

    Your reassurance (for the mind) is a vital part of the getting-healthier work that we’re always doing, though.

    Good job wrapping english around the concepts, kiddo!

    Bright Blessings and Happy Wednesday! K

    • Thanks Karen! It’s always a fun challenge. The funny thing was, she wanted to feel more in control, and either way, nothing would have helped. Maybe next time I’ll talk about lack of control. That’s a fun, button-pushing issue. 🙂

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