Believe in nothing, no matter who says it, even if I say it, if it does not agree with your own experience and your own common sense ~ Buddha

Once is happenstance…

Twice is coincidence…

Three times is enemy action…

So… here’s my opportunity to demonstrate my mad skilz at gracefully accepting compliments. *ahem* It is tremendously gratifying to hear that my writing inspires thought and reflection, so much so that Ty, Reba, and Rupa would each choose me as their top 5 bloggers. Wow.

So, since I really can’t put it off as a fluke any more, without further ado, please let me introduce

  • Ty Barbary — the divine source of many droll and interesting conversations about an infinite variety of things. Also, one f*ck of a fiction writer.
  • Reba Puente — an able navigator of the shoals and currents of following your Vision, and a treasured companion in the quest.
  • and Rupa, of whom I know little. I rather think of her as the Oracle at Delphi– ecstatic visionary, well grounded within the sacred earth.

7 Things you Never Knew about Me

  1. When I recieved the first award, I quietly contacted Ty to ask whether I *had* to accept the award and do all the steps that came with it. It felt to me like an obscure middle school ritual that I was sure to screw up and feel foolish about. Though I did know you guys wouldn’t point and laugh.
  2. I hate the texture of cotton balls and q-tips. They send shivers up my spine. They give me the absolute willies.
  3. I like to be barefoot, but I hate cold feet. Thus are we ever in conflict with ourselves. I make do with moccasins in nearly all weathers.
  4. I write poetry, short plays, and fiction. My work has won awards. I don’t know what people are thinking. I always think, yeah, whatever, they’re fine. But not NOTEWORTHY. And then it always makes me think about grade-inflation and the “No Child Left Behind” act. So I’m not sure if that makes me self-deprecating or realistic.
  5. I’m young. And I look younger. To be honest, I’m kind of sensitive about it. I feel like I have to work harder to be taken seriously. (Yes, I know in a decade or so I’ll be crowing about it. But still.) On the plus side, I have learned to use makeup and costuming to my advantage.
  6. My driving motivation in life is to never be bored. I’m a sucker for novelty. I change directions quickly and often. I finish things only with difficulty. I’m trying to design my life to support, not thwart, this tendency.
  7. I live on a ranch. The same one I was raised on. I hate horses, tolerate cows, and don’t know how to drive a tractor. I am allergic to hay and grain dust. I hate wind and drafts. You may be wondering why I live there, then. Me too. The intangible benefits outweigh the tangible irritances.

Now, the victims… um, ¬†celebrants. Or something.

  1. The Vile Scribbler. He’s the one who discovered me, and I followed him back to the One True Blog and I haven’t left since. He values his obscurity, something about art having no meaning if you’re currying favour with the audience. Leaving aside the logical fallacy of that (hello! Brandenburg Concertoes) he says that if he ever gets too popular, he’ll pull up stakes quietly in the night and move onto another anonymous blog. I’m just seeing what his threshold is.
  2. Matthew Gartland at Modern Audacity. I love his thought-provoking posts. It’s clear that he tries to live what he’s preaching. Plus, he loves The Count of Monte Cristo like I do. So he’s a peach in my books.
  3. Catherine Caine of Cash and Joy. This woman is da bomb. Every single post is an illustrative story that just sings in your heart.
  4. Angela Artemis at Powered By Intuition. When you read her reference-heavy posts, you can tell she really knows her stuff, she’s not just telling you what she thinks. I aspire to that… and then I give it up as too much work. But still, awesome to read.
  5. Monette Satterfield at The Artful Business. You would not believe how interesting and approachable she makes bookkeeping. Seriously! And how much joy and delight shines through her words. Even if you don’t have a business, you need to read her.

These are the blogs I actually know the urls to and will check there sometimes before I even open my feedreader. Love and cuddles to everyone, and thanks for the shiny!


Comments on: "The Stylish Blogger Award" (5)

  1. Mazel tov, ma dear!

    Nobody’s ever asked me, but I would definitely put you in my Top 5, too.

  2. Well thank you Karen. I’m happy to have such a loyal following. *resists saying something self-deprecating*

  3. Functionless art is merely tolerated vandalism; I’m just an online vandal, tagging the walls of my blog with spraypainted tirades and bad jokes. And it’s really a simple matter of too many eyes on me making me feel twitchy. But I genuinely thank you, m’dear, for all your reading and commentary. Until your taste finally improves, I’m glad for your company.

    It is a little ironic, though, that in a post that contains a hat-tip in my direction, you would bowdlerize a perfectly acceptable swear word like you did above. Cursing is how we bonded to begin with, goddamnit!

    • Of course, I have to add that if I’ve ever written anything worthwhile, it’s probably one of the posts that had its genesis in a conversation with you. So yes, it’s true, you do indeed rule. Whatever property value my place has is due largely to your presence in the neighborhood!

      • I really must protest; You’ve gotten infinitely more interesting as the months have progressed. Your foaming-at-the-mouth rantings are the highlight of my day.

        As for bowdlerizing Fuck, I really don’t have an SOP for when I soften my trucker mouth. I suppose it was an attempt to not embarrass the people who decided to honour me. Company manners, you know

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