Believe in nothing, no matter who says it, even if I say it, if it does not agree with your own experience and your own common sense ~ Buddha


I am a scribbler. I write notes to myself. And sometimes they show up and I’m all like, “Whoa! Am I ever smart!”

Today I found a note, and it just blew what I was going to write right out of the water. And since it tied in so well with what I was saying yesterday, I decided to read it as Highly Symbolic and run with it.

Want to know my personal Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything?

More of what’s good, Less of what’s bad.

I’m just going to give you guys all a second to absorb that.

More of what’s good, Less of what’s bad. 

Also awesome? I get to choose. Good? Good is a value judgement. I decide that good is all around me, and it is. That’s how fucking stupendous the powers of my mind are.

Bad? What bad?


Comments on: "42" (5)

  1. Precisely!

  2. … and the really, really cool part? Every one of us has that same power!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Oh yeah- 42! I saw your post title and immediately remembered what it meant!

    Your version is more useful 🙂

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