Believe in nothing, no matter who says it, even if I say it, if it does not agree with your own experience and your own common sense ~ Buddha

How BodyTalk Works

Can I just get my enthusiasm out of the way here first? BodyTalk is a super-cool-nifty-keen-neato alternative healing system that uses the body’s innate wisdom to guide any and all shifts at its own timing and order.

You will recognize Innate as the poorly-understood mechanism that enables all metabolic and unconscious function, such as digestion, healing, etc. It does a lot of other stuff too, but that’s what you’ll recognize.

Practically speaking, this means that of all the things in the universe, Innate is perhaps the most fully invested in maintaining the optimal health for the organism (that would be you).  So, when I consult Innate about what should be done to make you better, Innate makes the best decisions of all.

(If you don’t see how physical health correlates into transformational change in all aspects of your life, and wish I’d just get to the point already, you might as well go to the How I Operate page. I mean, I get to that here, but it takes me a while.)

Innate is Great

Innate is the mechanism that heals you. When you cut your hand, it’s the “person” that directs the blood to clot, the white blood cells to mass and for the tissue to knit itself back together. It also makes sure you don’t quit breathing, manages shock, and is generally your concierge of overall health.

If this makes you wonder, “If Innate’s so great why aren’t I healthy all the time?” you’re on the right track.

Innate is you, your body, your mind. It has finite resources. It reacts badly to constant stress, the same as you. Let me put it this way: If you’re down in the hold all day manning the bailing buckets, you’re not going to be able to mend the sails, are you?

The way that most people live means that Innate is hardly able to do more than manage chaos. If you’re like most people, you’re short on sleep, long on responsibility and stress. Innate is too busy keeping you alive and functioning in this insane world you operate in to do architectural-level systems optimization. It’s simply busy at its desk throwing together patch after patch. What do you expect?

The Big Problem

The biggest problem is that even if you correct lifestyle factors like stress and poor health maintenance, chances are Innate has “forgotten” how to optimize your health because it was operating on that dysfunctional level for so long.

You can think of me as a corporate consultant for your body. Over the time that you were stressed and overworked (most of your life, obviously), crucial channels of communication all over your body were ignored, disregarded or shut down because in that stressed state, there was so little Innate could do for you that wasn’t directly related to keeping you minimally functional for just a little while longer.

My job is to go through and do a systems check. By asking the body “What’s the priority?” I can prompt Innate to assess what shifts can be made without throwing the body into a state of chaos or unwarranted stress. To be clear, I don’t make these changes. I simply help identify them. You or your body will do the rest.

Not my Problem

Your physical health is not my specific concern. I am not a meat-and-bones kind of practitioner. Transformational change, that’s my quest.

However, I don’t run this show. Innate does. Innate treats the whole organism, mind, body, spirit, integrally. Therefore, if you have a bum knee that you broke in school and it never healed right, Innate might decide that we have to correct the feelings of helplessness or the desire to be taken care of before we can heal the knee. Because Innate will always delve deep to find the underlying cause of the problem; it will not deal in surface solutions.

As much as I love that emotional and spiritual delving, and as much as I like to see clients totally dissolve long-standing, serious health concerns, that’s not my particular niche.

My niche is helping you navigate your internal landscape, listening to your body’s concerns about your life path, or how you experience life, to allow it to weigh in on the choices you make. To translate the ideas and concerns of a force that knows what it will take to make you thrive.

But Innate won’t always let me play like that. It has this thing that you must be outside the danger zone, health-wise, because it’s no good to set about getting you a fulfilling life when you’re two steps away from a heart attack.

And to be honest, letting Innate run the show helps me a lot too. Think about it: Innate knows exactly what you’re ready to deal with, and won’t initiate change any faster than what you’re ready for. It cannot act against the organism’s best interests.

Therefore, when a sticky issue surfaces and I know there’s gonna be some fallout, I can be secure in the knowledge that if Innate thinks this is a good time to address this, then it is. And you can be secure in the knowledge that I can’t be “rushing” you, because I’m only following your own orders.

This whole page has given you a little bit of theory. Now go to the How I Operate page to see why I do what I do and how it can work for you.


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