Believe in nothing, no matter who says it, even if I say it, if it does not agree with your own experience and your own common sense ~ Buddha


Shanna is an intuitive practitioner that is “spot -on” wise, her wisdom comes from an unpretentious space. Her astute recommendations are immediately applicable. The experience of her is authentic, tangible and real. She marvels at her discoveries about you in a wonderfully naive, truly curious way. I find this particular aspect of her refreshing.  For my experiences personally I am ready to work through challenges that are particularly defining and raw. I am grateful she is tackling these concerns with me.

Karen Hanrahan | Blog Author | Best Of Mother Earth

As a professional speaker and coach, I found myself experiencing challenges with my vocal chords.  It began to really affect my work and my livelihood.  A client of mine suggested I speak with her BodyTalk practioner, Shanna Mann.

I am typically open to new modalities, however, I was skeptical since I lived in Denver and Shanna lived in Canada. I was concerned whether or not this technique would work long distance.  She assured me that it would.

To my amazement, it did work!  I really didn’t understand “how”, but I was completely open to trying it!

When Shanna debriefed with me about my initial BodyTalk session, I was impressed with her wisdom and insight.  More importantly, I was blown away by what she shared my body was communicating!  Not only did the challenge with my vocal chords clear up completely, but other powerful and unexpected information came through the Body Talk session.  From that initial session, my life had completely shifted into a new trajectory for was next in my life.

Shanna is an extraordinarily gifted.  I am inspired by who she is, what she has overcome, and the impact she makes.  Our work together continues to be one of the most powerful and transformational experiences I’ve ever had.  You’ve GOT to experience BodyTalk for yourself.  It WILL change your life!

Yasmine B., Denver CO

Coach, Speaker and Author

I came to Bodytalk by winning a door prize.   I wasn’t really sure what it was all about but I wanted to go as I was curious!!.  At our session I felt very comfortable with Shanna and started to talk about some of the difficulties I had been having in my marriage for many years.  Shanna made me feel at ease and I began to open up to her about the concerns and emotions I was feeling.  I wanted to see if Bodytalk could help me overcome the “stuck” feeling I had about my marriage.

Shanna then proceeded with the Bodytalk and communicated with my body to understand some of these deep feelings.  The session brought forward some amazing realization that had been buried deep in my subconcious as to why I was feeling the way I was.  It made me understand some stuff I hadn’t even considered.  It was very emotional but allowed me to release and forgive those involved.  It left the session feeling emotionally lighter and sure that I could make some positive changes in my marriage.  Shanna had also told me that sometimes it takes a while for the full impact of Bodytalk to show and it can take a few weeks.

The impact Bodytalk had on me was amazing, it definitely unblocked some deep emotional issues that were preventing me from moving on with my life, and although my expectation was to improve my relationship, it actually started a process where my husband and I were finally able to be honest and admit that we didn’t feel the same about each other anymore and I had the courage to leave the relationship.

I know this was the right decision for me and him.  We remain good friends and there is no animosity between us.  I am happier with myself than I have been in many years.

I believe Bodytalk started this process for me and although difficult at times, I believe my body spoke the truth for me and I decided to listen.  Everything started to change from this session.

I would recommend Shanna and Bodytalk to anyone who wants to make some changes in their life.  Shanna is warm, empathic and understanding.  She is very easy to talk to and is passionate about this area of Bodytalk.

Marie W., Medicine Hat, AB

Professional Counsellor

Hi Shanna, Thanks again for the body talk sessions. When I first saw you in Medicine Hat with Body Talk I was a skeptic for sure.  But after being around all day and learning about what you do I was interested or curious at the very least. After the First session we had I felt like a whole new person, not exactly sure how to explain but I know I felt great.

Also prior to our session I had lower back pain which I have been going for treatments for, my back was sore the day we had my first session, but by the time I got home I pin pointed my back was not sore  anymore and 2 weeks later I have yet to experience back pain.  I am a believer in what you do now Shanna, even if I don’t quite understand it yet!  Thanks again!

Arlen W., Calgary, AB

Drilling Rig Derrickhand


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